Telemedicine In Suwanee & Cumming, GA

At Johns Creek Pediatrics we offer telemedicine visits for our established patients. 

When your child complains about a fever or a sore throat you may be concerned enough to find out what’s going on and whether they should see a doctor; however, are their symptoms actually worrisome enough to warrant hopping in the car and immediately seeing a doctor?

When you want answers from a qualified pediatrician about how to handle your child’s non-life-threatening symptoms, this is where telemedicine visits with our Johns Creek Pediatrics can provide parents and families with peace of mind. These virtual house calls make it possible to get advice, care and recommendations from our team of qualified pediatricians without leaving the house.

Thanks to telemedicine we can provide children and their families with easy access to pediatric medical care when they need it. Worried your child sprained their ankle while playing outside? Wondering if your child’s fever is severe enough to require medical intervention? These are all questions you can ask our team of kids doctors virtually.

Simply follow the link provided by text/email and you’ll be able to connect with a pediatrician in minutes, all from the convenience and comfort of your own home. We bring the doctor to you so you don’t have to rush to us. You will have access to a team of physicians that provide care to children and teens living in the Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cumming and John Creek areas. Our doctors also have over 50 years of combined experience in the field, ensuring that your child is always in good, knowledgeable hands.

Through these telemedicine checkups we can diagnose, treat and even prescribe medications that you can pick up at your nearest pharmacy; all done without having to leave your child’s bedside. No sitting in a waiting room, no drive to the doctor’s office. Just schedule an appointment time that works for you and you’ll be able to speak with one of our Cumming-based pediatricians on live video. Make sure to write down ahead of time the symptoms your child is having, as well as any questions you might have for the doctor.

See our list below for some tips we have discovered to help you get the most out of your telemedicine visit.

Getting set up:

·       Schedule your appointment AND wait to receive our text/email invite.

·       Make sure your camera and microphone are enabled on your computer or phone.  You can confirm by video messaging a friend ahead of your appointment.

When it is time for your scheduled appt:

·       Login and initiate the visit with your provider.  

·       Once you have initiated a visit, do not log back out (as you will not be able to go back into the same appt).

·       If your child has a rash or injury, please upload digital pictures to the app when signing in for your appointment.  

·       The resolution is much better for us via photo.

·       Be sure to use a well-lit room (with a lamp or window in front of you) and focus the camera on your child - either sitting beside you or on your lap.

Things to have on hand for your appt:

·       Your child.  :)  

·       A current weight for your child.  Blood pressure, if applicable or able.

·       Your child’s temperature (taken by thermometer).

·       A working flashlight- to provide extra light to look in your child’s mouth, etc.

·       A list of your child’s allergies.

·       A list of your child’s current medications.

·       Having the actual prescription bottles or tubes present is helpful.

·       Your questions or concerns.

·       Details of the current problem:

·       When did it start?  Has it worsened or gotten better?

·       What treatments have you tried?

·       Paper and pen to take notes.

Johns Creek Pediatrics makes it fast, convenient and easy to access specialized pediatric care with our telemedicine services. If you need to schedule an online appointment with our kid's doctor then call Johns Creek Pediatrics at (770) 814-1160.

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