Mental Health Assessments

Anxiety Screening Form

  • Anxiety Screening Form (SCARED) [PDF]

Depression Screening Form

  • Depression Screening (PHQ-9) [PDF]

Eating Disorder Screening Form 

  • Eating Disorder Screening Form (Eat-26) [PDF] [online]

Evaluation of Attention Deficit Disorder

If your child is being evaluated for the possibility of a new diagnosis of attention deficit disorder or you may download and complete the paper forms below.
  • Vanderbilt Parent Initial Assessment Form [PDF]
  • Vanderbilt Teacher Initial Assessment Form [PDF]
Complete these forms if your child is being seen for a follow up visit for attention deficit disorder:
  • Vanderbilt Parent Assessment Follow-up Form [PDF
  • Vanderbilt Teacher Assessment Follow-up Form [PDF]
  • Vanderbilt (Adult -Over age 14) Follow-up Form [PDF]

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