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General Headache Information

Headache Prevention

Some basic but helpful prevention tips: 1. Ensure your child is getting adequate sleep. 2. Eat healthy foods and avoid long periods of skipping meals. 3. Avoid processed foods. 4. Stay well hydrated. To stay well hydrated, a general rule is one 8 oz cup of water for each year of your child's age up to age 8 years. For example a 5 year-old should aim for 5- 8oz serving of water or milk a day.

Headache Journal

Headache Diet

**Dietary triggers do not necessarily contribute to headaches in all patients, and particular foods may trigger attacks in certain individuals on occasion. Be your own expert by keeping a log of the foods you have eaten before a migraine attack, and see whether the removal of these foods from your diet reduces or eliminates your headaches. Below is a list of foods that may trigger migraine headaches and should be avoided by sufferers.** 

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