Prescription Refill Request

Johns Creek Pediatrics Prescription Refill Policy

To request a prescription refill:

For Prescription refills: Contact our office at least 2-3 business days prior to needing the refill.

If you utilize prescription mail order service, please allow 10 days to process internally and allow time for home delivery.

Prescription Refills

Most prescriptions your doctor orders are filed electronically using a secure online link we have established with your pharmacy. It is important that if you change pharmacies you let us know so that the prescription goes to the correct location. We will send the prescription to one pharmacy.

ADHD Medications

Many of our patients are prescribed medications for treatment and management of ADHD. These medications are controlled substances which means they are federally controlled. Pharmacies often have low inventory of these medications and often need extra time to fill the prescription. We will only submit the prescription to one pharmacy per occurrence. Please plan accordingly for your child’s refills. Your child must be up to date on his or her Annual Well Visits and up to date with the regularly scheduled “medication check” visits prior to refilling a controlled substance. We monitor weight and side effects of the medications at these med check visits. We will not refill such medications if your child is behind on their med checks. Therefore, please be sure to plan ahead and schedule these appointments well in advance.

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