Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Having healthy children is a priority of any parent. When you notice anything different about your child, the excellent medical staff at Johns Creek Pediatrics, in Suwanee & Cumming, GA, can schedule a wellness visit to make sure your child is reaching their developmental milestones with no developmental delay.

What Are Developmental Milestones?

As your child grows, the doctors look at certain milestones (mastery of physical movement or thought processing) according to your child's age. For example, at age 6 months, your child might be laughing, looking at a known adult, or reaching for their favorite toy. 

Children should have reached the same milestones at roughly the same period. These milestones are just a range. Every child is different, but if your child is always behind in their development, it could cause a delay.  There are excellent guidelines for parents on the Centers for Disease Control website that outline many of the accepted guidelines for ages two months to 5 years. 

What Happens if Your Child Is Not Reaching Developmental Guidelines?

During a playdate with peers or comparing your child with older siblings, you may have noticed that your child seems to be continually late in some or most developmental milestones. Taking your child for a regular wellness visit is the first step in recognizing a problem.

There are several different types of developmental delays, according to Johns Creek Pediatrics in Suwanee & Cumming, GA. These are as listed:

  • Social and Emotional Delays - Getting along with others, expressing needs/wants, may struggle with dealing with changes, social cues, or talking to people
  • Cognitive Delays - May have difficulty with thinking, problem-solving, rational thought, and following directions
  • Motor (muscle) Delays - If a delay is present, a child may have trouble holding a small object (fine motor control) or sitting/standing (gross motor control) 
  • Speech and Language Delays - They may have difficulty using, understanding, or speaking words. 

These delays should not be confused with developmental disabilities such as Autism. We can assist in childhood delays with specific support services.  

Treating Developmental Delays

If a delay is suspected, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor for further testing. Developmental tests can show delays; many services can be utilized, such as physical therapy/speech therapy/and occupational therapy. Our doctor can order hearing and vision tests to rule out any physical issues that cause a delay.

The faster we catch a delay, the sooner your child can receive the services needed to bridge the gap in services and start treatment.

The excellent medical staff at Johns Creek Pediatrics in Suwanee & Cumming, GA, is available for a well-child visit to discuss your child's developmental delay. Call and schedule your appointment at (770) 814-1160.

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