Well Check Visit Handouts (By Age Group)

 Preparation for your child's Well Check Visit
  • Please choose the link for your child's Well Check Visit age. Review the handouts prior to the visit and your pediatrician will address your questions or concerns.
  • Some insurance plans may apply a deductible, coinsurance or copay to the developmental screening test, labs or the hearing and vision screening.  Please contact your insurance company if you have questions regarding these tests. To request specific procedure codes for the tests please contact our billing department. 
  • Pre Adolescent and Adolescent questionnaires are located on our forms tab.  Have your child ages 12 and higher complete the confidential questionnaire and bring to their appointment.



2-4 Weeks Old


2 Months Old


4 Months Old


6 Months Old


9 Months Old


12 Months Old


15 Months Old


18 Months Old

2 Years Old


30 Month Old

3 Years Old

4 Years Old

5 Years Old

6 Years Old


7 Years Old


8 Years Old


9 Years Old


10 Years Old


Early Adolescent (11-14 Years Old)


Middle Adolescent (15-17 Years Old)


Late Adolescent (18-21 Years Old)